It is common misconception that all a softener will do is cost more money in salt and up keep. This is simply not true. The average water softener requires little to no mechanical up keep and an on average a 50 pound bag of salt costs around $7. That is relatively inexpensive when compared to losing customers because of poor cleaning and rinsing. Further, for each grain of hardness in your water, chemical cost will increase by roughly 5% (regardless of the brand of chemicals you are using). The “hardness” of the water will tie up the surfactants in your cleaners. This will leave a less effective cleaner thereby causing soap usage to increase in order to get a clean car. Let My Guy, Inc. help you with your water softener needs. Contact us for a free consultation.


Braswell systems use saturated brine to remove heavy metals, iron and hardness—a solution that is much more effective than diluted agents. In fact during regeneration, Braswell systems use as little as one third as much salt and half as much water as other commercial systems.


Hellenbrand softener systems will help you save on detergents and chemicals and extend the life of process equipment and heat exchange systems thus reducing maintenance costs. Their improved efficiency will reduce energy and water consumption.