Poppe’s Double Dry Car Wash

Are you considering a car wash upgrade of your existing tunnel car wash operation or building a new car wash operation altogether?

Poppe’s Double Dry Car Wash is our Live working showroom model of the ideal car wash.  Contact us to take a live in-person walk-through tour and experience all that this model car wash system has to offer.

Here are some of the features:

  • Separate wash and dry bays allow for multiple cars
  • Fully automated 24 hour service
  • RFID Unlimited ‘per car wash subscribers
  • Fastest car wash time in our Midwestern region
  • Multiple pass drive over blower system
  • Online diagnostics, reporting and analytics
  • No scheduled employees required
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Wide vehicle washing capabilities (dually, crew cabs, extended beds)

My Guy, Inc. can help you design a touch free car wash, sometimes called touch less car wash similar to the ultimate car wash described here. This profitable car wash can be installed at your operation by our professional in house car wash installers.

At My Guy, Inc. we distribute, install and service a complete line of products for all types of car and truck washes. Whether you’re replacing a car wash, adding one to your existing operation or building a new car wash or truck wash from the ground up, we can help you create a profitable wash operation to meet your needs and satisfy many clients for years and years.


  • Poppe's Car Wash 1

  • Poppe's Car Wash 2

  • Poppe's Car Wash 3

  • Poppe's Car Wash 4

  • Poppe's Car Wash 5

  • Poppe's Car Wash 6

  • Poppe's Car Wash 7

  • Poppe's Car Wash 8

  • Poppe's Car Wash 9

  • Poppe's Car Wash 10

  • Poppe's Car Wash 11

  • Poppe's Car Wash 12

  • Poppe's Car Wash 13

  • Poppe's Car Wash 14

  • Poppe's Car Wash 15